How to transpose – use the chords for any pitch or root of your choice

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Chords using exact scale notes

Understanding and Harmonizing Mayamalavagowla (pdf)

Understanding and Harmonizing Mayamalavagowla(.mobi)

Using minor and major chords for Raga Mayamalavagowla

Minor and major chords for Mayamalavagowla + example using Padumanabha

Chords for Geetams in Any Pitch

(Click on a link below, use the drop downs in the pages to choose your pitch)

Padmanabha (Malahari)

Lambodara (Malahari)

Kundagowra (Malahari)

Kerayaneeranu (Malahari)

Chords for Malahari Geetams

Padumanabha full chord sheet (pdf)

Padumanabha – wider format to play without scrolling (jpg)

Sreegananatha (Lambodara) full chord sheet (pdf)

Kundagoura full chord sheet (pdf)

Kerayaneeranu full chord sheet (pdf)