Film song detailed leads and Tabs

Not sure if you already saw these videos and used the tabs. PLUS a subscriber only FAQ and problem solving video.

The full song is played in the beginning. Let me know if you find the moves convincing… Ennavale – O Cheliya – A R Rahman

Narumugaye – Iruvar – Sashivadane – Raga nattai/ Maand

Nila kaaykirathu – A R Rahman – Hariharan

Ilayaraja – En Iniya Pon… 

malayalam song in Raga Ahiri – Pazham Thamizh – includes some extra info

Anthi Mazhai – Ilayaraja – including discussion on the raga, the interlude aalap etc

Raga Leads Begins | Problems, Effective Solutions, Paths 01

A video based on usual problems students come across and the usual paths, solutions etc that serve well to help  you go beyond the problems, move closer to your aspirations… 🙂

Did you already get all the Foundation Free Training videos? If you haven’t yet, make sure you get the resources that will help you be a better player + get TABs etc in one place.

Here are a few things covered in the above video:

  • generic vs specialized, sources, raga based film songs
  • first thing: foundations, 3 moves, the slide HO PO checklist, 3/8 8\3
  • conscious ability inability
  • phrasing
  • Here is a video that explains scale to raga
  • Here is a set of videos that go deeper into patterns and pattern based raga mastery to bring you independence.
  • aananda mohana phrase the tab and finger logic
  • no same finger – rule
  • fingers hurt, nylon string guitars, lambodara frets logic and using different fingers
  • up and down strokes, here is the best practices video
  • playing the way it is sung
  • on habit, journal, what to work on, what the improvement looks like

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