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Kadhal Rojave | Song as a tool

Instead of playing 20 songs mediocre, instead of playing generic exercises and songs you are not familiar with,
Use songs you really want to play. Use them as vehicles for vertical skill growth. While learning what you want to finally play, learn theĀ  underlying techniques and skills using the songs. Micro chunked, focused, specific, effective – so that using just a song or 2, you will learn how to play any other song at a higher skill level. Here are some examples:

When to hit, when to slide?

Learn using a real song. Develop the feedback loop that makes you a musician and not a note player.

Song playing example

Learning fingering & stroke best practices using the song

The simple tuning relationship for better playing efficiency

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Another song playing example | Phrase by phrase learning

Using the tuning relationship again for better playing knowledge

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