Valkannezhuthiya Makaranilavil

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Vaalkkanezhuthiya makaranilaavil maamboo manamozhuki

Aathira viriyum thaliroonjalaay thulasikkathiraadi

Vaarmudi ulayukayaay nopuramunarukayaay (2)

Mangalappalayil gandharvananayukayaay (vaalkkanezhu)


Thaaraamanjariyilakum aanandabhairaviyil

Thaaravarnnam paadukayaay raga nadhuvana gaayika

Ente thapovana bhoomiyil amritam peyyukayaay (vaalkkanezhu)


Naaalukettinnullil maathavaay lokam

Thaathanothum mantravumaay upanayanam varameki

Ney vilakkin ponaalam mangalam arulukayaay (vaalkkanezhu)

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