Poomkattinodum – Malayalam song chords

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Song: Poonkattinodum

Movie: Poomukhapadiyil Ninneyum Kaathu (1986)

Music: Illaiyaraja, Lyrics: Bichu Thirumala

In case of any doubt about where to play a chord, count 123123 and play it on each 1. The chords are written just above the letters where it is meant to be played.

The chords given below are as used in this video of Poomkatinodum vocal guitar unplugged and need not be same as the original song. At some places, the chords in the video may slightly differ from what is given below – improvisation being prone to differences. But the basic logic / method / path is the same, which you can figure out from the below sheet.

D    F#m  Em   A4          Em     A4        Em            A          A7

poo m      kattinodum kilikalodum kathakal cholli nee

A           A4       Em       A4        A         F#         D
kalikal cholli kaattu poovin karalinodum nee .

DM7  E    AM7     AM7  D    E
la       yi   alasamalasa mayi

AM7    A7          D

arikil ozhuki njan

  F#      Bm …
(ilam poonkattinodum…)

IInd stanza

D        F#m  Bm  A       E              D          AM7  D
ninnullile   mo  ham swanthamakki njaa   num

D        F#m  Bm A        E        D          AM7  D
en nenjile   daa ham nintethakki nee     yum

F#        Bm      F#     Bm          F         D           Dm D
poochangalaikkullil rendu mounangale po     l

F#        Bm         F#    Bm      F         D           Dm D
neer thamara thaalil panineer thullikala     i

D     D7              Bm           G    D     C            A           D
oru greeshma shaaakhiyil vidarum vasanthamai

D           E        AM7         A7
poothulanja pulakam nammal

  D   F#  Em….
(poon    kattinodum…)


IIIrd stanza – same chords as IInd

niramulla kinaavin kevuvallamoonni
alamaalakal pulkum kaayal maariloode
poopadangal thedum rendu poombattakalai
kaalpaadukal onnakkiya theerthadakarai
kulirinte kumbilil kiniyum marandamai
oori vanna sishiram nammal

poonkattinodum kilikalodum kathakal cholli nee
kalikal cholli kaattu poovin karalinodum nee
nizhalayi alasamalasamayi
arikil ozhuki njan

(ilam poonkattinodum…)

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