Aaratu kadavinkal – Malayalam song chords

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D2         Am                 CM7                 G        A                

Arattu kadavinkal arakkoppam vellathil

Dm         Bb          G       Em7       Dm
Perattil pularmanka neerattinirangi (Aarattu..)

D4                     Bm                     Gadd4           F#m  D4
Chemponnin cheppukudam Kadavathu kamazhthi (2)

Cadd2                 D7                  FM7                    A4    A
Thamupuratti kulir neeril Mungam kuzhiyittallo ?

Kalimannu menanjeduthu Kathunna kanalinkal
Puthanam azhakinte shilpangal orukkunnu (kalimannu..)
Kanneerum swapnagalum ashathan mooshayil
Mannin kalakaran ponnin thidampakkunnu

Arattu kadavinkal arakkoppam vellathil
Perattil pularmanka neerattinirangi

Kaiviralin thumbukalil kalpanathamn roopangal
Athbutha moorthikalayi avatharichirangunnu
Bhavanathan thazhvarayil
Jeevitham shathiyude
Paalala cholayayi paril ozhukunnu

Arattu kadavinkal arakkoppam vellathil
Perattil pularmanka neerattinirangi

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