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Anytime email support, doubt clearance, custom learner path, guidance for your next steps etc for 12 months is included in the course now. The course content videos is life time access.

Study with me through this video course + custom guidance from me using videos through email, suggestions and guidance based on your skill level, goals and needs (It works – will be uploading review and opinions from students who are using it).

Here are the details…

I have been compiling my online lessons on Raga and Raga based Film Songs, to VIDEOS so that the student can use it at their own pace. It is a video course + option to interact online with me and clear your personal doubts, get custom guidance for your learning. (I live in Germany, so online only)

It is meant for anyone who is interested in playing Indian Raga (Carnatic/South Indian) songs or Indian Film songs on the guitar, with detail, finger efficiency, the way it is sung. Remember that Indian songs are basically raga based or at least have moves that need raga style playing to make them sound as if they are sung, instead of just hitting and discontinuous.

The course contains Carnatic geethams, kirtanas etc (more and more added over time) + raga phrases, moves etc used in raga based film songs and carnatic songs, taking you through the needed fingering logic, fret/string considerations etc so that you are not stuck while playing Indian Film songs or Raga songs (As mentioned before, majority of our film songs are raga based, and even when not directly raga based, the note are connected using raga moves, for continuity).

NO film music will be taught directly through the videos, they are given as free on youtube. But you may send me your practice videos for film songs, once you start the course.

Numerous phrases on different ragas, as it exists in film songs and raga songs are added, including discussion on the fingering and fret choice, how to think about connecting etc.

That will make sure that you know how to find your notes on the guitar at the best positions, how to use your fingers, forming phrases best for fluency and efficiency.

When playing lead, we have to be fast and efficient enough to make the sound right, within given time without losing rhythm.

I invite you to try the course. Here is the first set of videos:

It’s absolutely alright if you join, try the videos and decide that it is not for you, in which case I will give you a refund happily. (Just let me know within 30 days).

Anyway, when you have a problem or have doubts or need guidance as to how to move forward, send me all your doubts, I am here to help you and guide you, so that it will actually work for you as long as you have interest in studying and achieving the skill.

The only case where one shouldn’t buy this course is: If someone is absolutely against playing Carnatic Raga moves or Songs, then this is not for them. If you are interested in playing Raga based film songs, you will benefit from the exercises and also by playing the Carnatic lessons included. Anyway if someone wants to play Indian songs well on the guitar, they have to practice Raga moves – no other way, since like I said, most Indian songs are raga based, or involved slides etc to connect the notes.

But, I doubt someone would follow my work if they didn’t have interest in raga songs or raga based songs 🙂

The course is a step by step guide from zero,
in order to play the guitar in general following the best practices
+ making sure the basic moves of Indian Raga or Film Song playing is mastered thoroughly + moving on to learning how to combine the basic moves to build seemingly complex raga or film song moves + learning how to think about fingering, positioning the notes on the guitar etc + learning how to think in terms of feedback, connecting the song you have in mind to the way you are playing it so that your playing sounds the way it is sung…

PLUS you will be able to ask me doubts specific to you and get answers, doubts cleared and get a custom learning plan for you each time you ask me doubts. You can send me emails of your doubts, including video of your playing etc. It is possible that I may also conduct online group coaching calls once in a while, where you can come live and interact with me.

You are NOT required to have raga or carnatic education prior to using the course.
I play in standard tuning – so no special tuning required.
The course is hosted on Teachable platform – making sure it is available to you independent of my servers, and also on mobile etc using the teachable app, when needed.

Here is the first set of videos:

Currently there are videos on basics and foundation + mahaganapathim, including phrases and exercises + needed theory. More videos are being added.

Here is how it works: the videos will give you all the content you need. More videos will be added in time.
Videos on 6 Geethams. Videos with simple to advanced moves in different ragas and scales etc, like used in numerous carnatic and film songs, and also based on the questions students will be asking. Later maybe even krithis and varnams etc.

You are welcome to try the video and let me know if it is useful for you. Else, like I said, let me know in 30 days and I will just give you a refund happily and we will be in touch…