How to slide Amma endrazhikaatha (Tabs & Western Notation) | Indian Carnatic Raga Kalyani (Ilayaraja Rajanikanth)

Amma endrazhikatha With Complete Slides

Below is a how to video of the Kalyani Raga based Ilayaraja song. Below the video, the tabs and western notation are given. Also given is a swara sheet, where the slides etc has been written in terms of swaras.

Since western notation is given and the video explains the slides, you maybe able to use it for instruments other than guitar too.

See the swara sheet if you would like to use swaras on your instrument. Swara sheet has the added advantage of giving you option to play in any pitch you wish, by choosing a Sa of your choice.

The song is based on The Lydian scale (major scale with #4th instead of 4th) except at one place where the slide requires a perfect fourth, based on what is heard in the recording.

The lydian scale notes when connected correctly gives us the Kalyani raga, this song being a very good practise content for the Raga Kalyaani.

Tabs and western staff notation for Raga Kalyani Ilayaraja song

Right Click the image and open in new tab to see in full. For now, the first part, the pallavi is given. Will add the second half in time.


Swaras for Amma endrazhikatha (Raga Kalyaani)


A slightly easier version of Amma Endrazhikathu Slides

Some slides have been reduced when possible to provide an extra step if you are trying to learn slides.



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How to Alai (Tabs, Staff Notation, Swaras) | Indian Raga Carnatic song that A R Rahman made popular

Alaipayuthe Kanna (Raga Kaanada) Indan Raga song How to videos (on Guitar) along with the tabs, western notation, swaras and lyrics that can be used on any instrument or by singers. (Thanks to Sashi. E for taking the initiative to modify and use Lilypond to make the final layout.)

Below is the Indian Carnatic Raga song played from start to finish in one go, on a steel string acoustic guitar (done a few years back). Below this video is a playlist with 4 videos that show you in detail how to play the song with all the slides and moves that make it Indian Classical Raga.
Like it? Learn with me.

See here for the explanation on western notation with gamakas.

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Alaipayuthe Kanna Carnatic Indian Raga Song Tabs and Western Notation

 Right click and open the image on a new tab to view it in its real size, download or print. I have kept the ratio correct for A4 printing.

How to Kandukonden Kandukondein song (ARRahman) swaras, moves on guitar (singers and instrumentalists)

The song Kandukondein composed by arrahman.  (The very first section for now. More to be added in time)

The melody with each move has been written as swaras below to be used by singers and instrumentalists other than guitarists too.

Swaras: s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S

See this link to learn to connect swaras to notes. Since swaras can be used to play any pitch by appropriately assigning a note value to the Sa, you can use the swaras to play or sing the song in any of the 12 pitches as you wish.

The moves, gamakas have been written as swaras.

For example: pSnS means a hit on p and the remaining notes are part of the gamaka, played using slides, hammer ons and pull offs.

If it is written as p S n S, you need to hit each of the four notes.


Recording yourself while learning: for the mind and music

He told me that he is disappointed in himself that he is not able to play like the teacher can.
The teacher told him that after 3 months of total guitar playing time, if he is able to play as good as the teacher, then all the years of the teacher is wasted.
He said “touche” and agreed to keep practising.

Had he forgotten that it was just 3 months before that he had started trying to play the guitar? That he couldn’t play anything at all 3 months back when compared to playing something (about which he was expressing his unhappiness)?

We forget how it was.
What we can’t now becomes the focus, while the acquired skill or position is taken for granted.

Deliberate gratefulness in life is said to be a useful practice for the same reason. A regular gratitude self-shake will keep the tendency to Discount the Positives in check while clearing up mind space to include more the future possibilities and its subfolder: strategy, tactics, micro moves, details, patience.

Recording your playing each week or so will automatically let you do this by being a very clear proof and feedback, without having to make any derivation or conclusion.

Maybe you want to record each song or piece or exercise that you are pracitising. Else, like we said, maybe once in a week, a general recording of something you like. A particularly tough piece often serves as something to go back to every month and see the improvement.

That is the mind part. The music part is also about feedback, which is probably more obvious.

Slowly we all need to develop a kind of trance where we are listening ourselves playing while we play. Listening to our own recordings makes it easier at least during the learning process.

Listening to ourselves immediately induces learning at a level below the conscious, and changing focus within us, instinctively making us aware of what aspects of our playing we need to focus on.

Record on your phone ( I did and do it on my camera ( and laptop ( Camera has the added advantage of seeing yourself play – that can smooth out a lot of tension and unnecessary or unaesthetic stuff without we even being aware of the change. (Laptop recording detailsg)

Are you practising something these days? Next time after you play it once, turn on your device, record it, copy it on your hard disk to be viewed later, especially on evenings when you feel that you aren’t able to play as good as some other guy, conveniently ignoring the fact that he has been playing 20 years longer than you, or such similar self-talk that adds no value to the wonderful growing experience of making life out of non-living material by making them ring with beautiful music that matters.

Recording with the laptop onto a sequencer

You can stitch the phrases. Play a part of the phrase or a phrase. Pause, move the cursor back, enable auto input or record and edit in…

Whatever it be, using a sequencer like Reaper has the above mentioned added advantage.

Then when you are comfortable with it, you can start layering them. Add more and more tracks to add to the already recorded and playing music.

The use? You make a perfectly edited recording, without delays and mistakes. Now you have a feedback that will run along with you and let you know your mistakes each time you make one. Knowing your mistakes is not a bad thing, is n’t? In fact for learning isn’t that one of the best things one can hope for? To have a constant feedback.

Shyness and audience replacement

This one wasn’t very intuitive for me. The student told me that since he had never played before in front of an audience, he was shy to comments.

And that recording himself somehow was like practising and displaying in front of an audience. I think according to him the complete process would include sharing the recorded material to his friends, thus getting feedback, still not as scary as live audience.


Akale neelakaasham guitar: Raga Charukeshi swaras, notes, slides and moves (Singers, Instruments)

Online lessons
Below are the swaras and an explanation video (moves using the guitar) for the song Akale akale neelakasham composed by Sri Baburajan for the movie Midumiduki.

Raga Charukeshi, that has the same notes as the 5th mode of the Melodic minor has been used. With note skips and interesting moves, the song is a good study.

The song has been transcribed including the slides and other moves, to be played on the guitar using slides, hammer ons and pull offs. Singers and other instrumentalists can also use the

Since the moves have been written as swaras, singers and other instrumentalists can also use them to learn the exact moves being used, so that you can practise it as it is in the original.

Raga Charukeshi: S R2 G3 M1 P D1 N2

Example notes: C D E F G Ab Bb

This swara note grid will help you with finding swaras starting from any pitch. Here is an android app for ragas that can help you find notes for almost all ragas on the guitar.

Here are the notes for C Charukeshi starting from the 3rd string, using minimal fret span.


Below image shows the Raga Charukeshi with C as the Sa, with a few more fret/string options.


How to Raga Charukeshi on guitar: Akale akale neelakasham Video

The below video shows the moves on the guitar using slides, hammer ons and pull offs. See the swara sheet below this video.

The swaras for the song Akale akale (Raga Charukeshi)


Madai thiranthu (Ilayaraja Nizhalgal) Chords Swaras Rhythm Guitar

Below are the swaras (below the video that explains the lead on guitar) for the Nizhalgal movie song by Ilayaraja, Madai thiranthu. Below the Swaras are the chords for the song along with a video of rhythm guitar playing while the song is being sung.

Based on the natural minor scale, the song moves through the scale and proves to be a good exercise while being melodically satisfying.

Here is a swara – note table that can help you with finding the swaras irrespective of the pitch you choose. Choose any Sa note as you wish and find the remaining swaras.

Madai thiranthu Ilayaraja song Chords


Find your own chords: Ethetho (Punnagaimannan) Ilayaraja beyond the usual chord changes

The E major scale family has the C#m, G#m and B major (the Vth) chords.

This song brings in the C major chord, G major chord etc into the harmony in a smooth and easy manner through the melody.

Below are the chords of the song based on the phrases. These are different at least partially, from the chords used in the original recording. The aim has been to find suitable chords based on the phrases, the melody notes.

The chord chart is below is the video


Learning to find chords for songs: Kadhal Rojave Rahman song re-chorded (basic harmonization)

Based on the phrase notes, the song Kathal Rojave by a r rahman from the movie Roja has been harmonized as below. (how to play the song?)

Instead of following a generic family of chords based of approach, here the phrase notes have been closely followed, wrapping them in chords closest to the phrases used and within the scale.

More expertise with chords for ragas, songs, scales, phrases? Would like to learn music?


Swara note grid

A simple table will give you a quick idea of each swara note when you choose a particular pitch.

If you want the E note to be your Sa, what will be your Ga3? (the G# note)

You want to sing in the pitch of A? Then D note will be the Ma1, F# will be the Dha2 and so on.

If you want E to be the highest note you play, and if M1 is the highest note in the song, then which note should the Sa be? (B is the Sa when E is the M1)