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Private coaching & Done with you

your music : done with you

Go from a chaotic dream to measurable musical results.

Your playing & performance: Confident.
Your albums & singles: Recorded, produced & published.

no need to struggle all on your own or outsource and end up with unprofessional results. When you are ready to actually create and finish your work, just tell me:


No need to reinvent the wheel. I've been in the music and creation field for over 30 years. Benefit from my experience, frameworks and support.

In-depth music learning & Hands-on Project completion

What can we get done together? The usual needs:
1. finish your music projects | 2. learn music with me

Complete your compositions, songs, other musical creations?

    • Melody without context, chords and arrangement unexamined and unclear, recording and publishing disconnected from the real needs and goals.
    • Underestimating the skill required to finish a recording project from zero: is the melody enough? How to make it professional? How to arrange it, the myriad decisions of genre, audience and your taste. Which instruments? Musicians or not. Mixing and mastering. Understanding what the musician or engineer actually means. Musician and engineer communication so that they finish in minimum time, what we need the way we need.
  • I started recording, producing, completing music since I was 13 years old. I am an amphibian – having proven background in tech/consulting/problem solving & musician/composer/performer.
  • I will help you & work with you on (e.g.):
    • genres & market knowledge, mindset, momentum, motivation
    • melodic patterns, thinking in chords & arranging
    • artist contact, recording, performing, producing, publishing
  • In addition to the music skills and experience, I’m an engineer (IIT Madras), a problem solver by nature and nurture.
    • You will benefit from my training and experience in decision making and problem solving methods, real life successful product development and project completion.

Learn, play & perform confidently and fluently like a ‘music insider’?

You can use my courses or learn with an associate teacher (ragacourses). Instead if you wish to work with me directly, use this option.
  • I will you teach you to: create your own syllabus, chunk the material for best learning and reproduction, use error oriented deliberate practice for sure and lasting progress in the shortest time.
  • Clear path with a GPS, from your current skills to who you want to be.
  • Clear plan – short and long.
    • Master the best practices while learning what matters to you.
    • Exactly what to work on (clarity and project approach) & how (defined, realistic perfection and measures)
    • What do we have control over that can be changed to get the final results (lead measures)?
  •  I started performing music & other arts since I was 11 years old. I am good at communicating in both the art & non-arty world. 🙂
We have the option to learn or practice with me before and during recording or producing your music (the above option).
Your custom need:

Have an unique individual need? Have a project you want to finish that you want to discuss?
Examples from students/clients: getting used to being on video, social media videos, cutting through the clutter for your music or teaching business, building authority through assets instead of mindless social media use, Indian chants and music pronunciation and authenticity, artist and organization politics (what to do! :), knowing what to do first in your next step of artist, coach or teacher income, tech and internet side of artist or teacher business, rhythm fluency singing in groups or with friends, rhythm related work... You have your own music, teaching, or related mindset and business questions. I find myself in the intersection of these fields.

Need details? Not sure if this will work for you?

Better to ask us and get clear answer to your needs and possibilities. 

dream to: realization

How it works:

  • Write to me with your needs. I will give you the details, if and how I can help you.
  • Once we agree to commit and do calls, our interaction starts with a commitment of USD450
    • The commitment gives us the chance – you and me – to know if we are a good fit to continue work. (let’s prototype it)
  • We do our calls and follow ups. If you are looking for a one time deep inspection and path finding, we will stop with this interaction. If we decide to continue,
  • We will continue with one of the main options given below. 

The first step:

The second step:

musician’s mind intensive

Quick but deep. What should you really do & How

What is included: 1 call (60 to 90 minutes) + follow up anytime within 7 days using whatsapp messages (video, audio, text)

Can be used for one time clarity. Or can be extended to the longer options to work with me and finish your projects.

The steps:

  • First: use one of the apply buttons, write to me with your needs or doubts.
  • Once we agree to work together, use the button below to make a commitment of USD450
    • We can do the call and follow up, you will have the clarity. OR
    • We can decide to work further. 
    • Either way, the commitment gives us the chance – you and me – to know if we are a good fit to continue work. (let’s prototype it)
  • We get clarity on your absolute real goals – short and long:
    • without local optimization, serving your highest level needs. 
    • Then we will plan How to do it best, the lead measures we have control over and will move the needle, set timelines, quality measures, get to work!

There is boldness in commitment (said Goethe) – commitment brings forth clarity, direction. All your faculties that are just sitting around, now get intention, priority, understand opportunity cost, timelines, motivated to melt away the past conditionings which we hitherto accepted as our identity without questioning.

There is no unnecessary Bonus, discount, terms, sales tactics, beating around the bush. We are not trying to maximize generic mass sales. You know what I can do with music, mind and dev – I am regularly arranging, composing, interacting with musicians and businesses, finishing projects for myself and others.
You are getting a piece of my life time, skill and experience collected over my life time. How much should one charge for ones life energy? Infinity? 
I will help you to the maximum extend what you want to achieve using your life energy. You can take away all worries and instead focus on building and getting things done. 

The first step:

Tell me the details. I will ask you more questions, we will decide whether to move to the second step. 

The second step:


music goal achiever options

Getting real, getting music done with you.

After our first call and one week working together, if we decide to continue working on a longterm, here are the options:

Option 01 | USD 5000

  • Upto 8 1-1 calls: 60 minutes each.
  • 4 to 8 weeks duration depending on the project
  • Text/audio/video message chat follow up in between the calls 
  • You are not paying for the time or number of interactions, but for the results. We will define the project in the first calls. 

& its multiples: 10000, 15000 etc

  • USD10000 onwards gives us more freedom to work on the project
  • can do more detailed redo of the melody, matching with chords etc before and during production
  • longer projects or more detailed projects, more decision making and real goal problem solving
  • talk with me to know what is best for you

Special cases:

Learning to play only: EUR1800

  • Upto 8 1-1 calls: 45 minutes each.
  • 4 to 12 weeks duration depending on the project

Z level: EUR 100,000

  • Long term: 3 to 10 months
  • Since long term life energy and time commitments are involved, we will decide on this one carefully on a case by case basis. 

The fees is decided after discussion, paid directly to my German bank account.

You can choose your Production and sound quality, musicians and engineers.

I’m like a planner or architect doing it with you. You can choose the quality of the end result, whom to work with etc.

Production quality, the musicians or recording facilites used, mixing and mastering are all options you can choose from. I have contacts to musicians, engineers and facilities all over the world for you to benefit from. But, you have your choice on the budget, whom and what to use.

Musician communication, deciding on the melody and harmony, making sure it matches with your real needs, the final editing and approval, each decision and choices, I will help you through. At the same time you will have your choices. I don’t have to play in your production – I have guitarist and other musician and engineer contacts for you to choose best for your project. I will help. 

You choose marble or granite or none, which wood, what kind of design… You get the picture.

We will plan execute according to your production budget, musician or arranging needs. Talk with me for more information. 

How do I know if I’m ready for Music Goals Achiever or 1-1?

Do you want to finally get the work done – playing or producing your music – beyond just talking about and tinkering.

If you have wanted to finish a project since some time – months or years – but they are still stuck, half baked, as wishes we talk with people around us, why not just get someone who really knows how to get these things done, get your work out in the world?

There comes a time in your creative journey and life when you need tailored solutions. Once a week classes or consulting are not enough. You need to take up your wish or goal as a continuous project, give it momentum and motivation, finish the bridge.

Not a little bit here and there, not 60%, not even 95%… Complete. Finished.

You are now free to build upon the asset you completed. It could be your skills, a song or a set of songs, portfolio, clarity and related assets you can build your income upon.

Unless you are an expert at the different skills involved in creating your music or getting your playing to the next level, you need a coach, a consultant, a project manager with experience to help you along the way, make sure we are not distracted, reach the goal. Then you are free, do whatever you want… with the peace of mind that you have completed the work you have always wanted to.

You’re familiar with my music – playing, chord work, improvisations, knowledge of raga + chords and arranging. You know that I have been in the music and production field since my teens. You know my analytical background (IIT), my ability to problem solve and project manage to completion. You know I am good to work with, communication…

Then, you’re ready for the Achiever and I’ll be right there alongside you on your journey.


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