This post gives you an example of playing South Indian raga mayamalavagowla.

All the colored notes are part of Mayamalavagowla. G is taken as the root in this example. In blue color are the other notes in the mayamalavagowla scale. The fifth note of the scale – D – has been colored differently, as a second reference point after the root.

Here is the fretboard image of the scale notes :

We can see the scale as divided into two octaves –

  1. one octave from G note on the 6th string (E string – thickest string, topmost on the guitar) 3rd fret to the G on the 4th string (D string) 5th fret .
  2. next starting from G on the 4th string till G on the first string (thinnest string, bottom most on the guitar) 3rd fret.

Below is the fingering you can use.

Just play the above marked notes with the fingers indicated, and you will be playing G mayamalavagowla.

More positions to come. Ask me if you have any specific needs.

p.s. Thanks to Keshav for pointing out a mistake on the fretboard diagram.