Playing Indian Music on Guitar involves acknowledging

  1.  the Raga or Indian part of the Music & 
  2. the specificities of the instrument Guitar.

Indian Music on Guitar Possibilities

  • Are you interested in playing Indian Raga and FIlm Songs on the Guitar? Or…
  • do you want to master playing and finding chords or rhythm on the guitar?

These guides, how to articles and tutorial videos will help you:

  • be better with Indian music,
  • play Indian Music on guitar or
  • connect Indian music to western theory and instruments,
  • be able to find and play chords on your own, for songs you like – Indian or other.

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Indian Guitar

The C major scale to Raga Shankarabharanam conversion video is a good place to start. The video, to my surprise, was well received on youtube.  It shows you the steps to find ragas from scales, specifically the raga associated with the major scale. 

INdian film songs on guitar and Carnatic Lead Guitar and Tamil songs on Guitar  are maybe categories of interest to you

Indian Chords: Raga and Song Chords

The Chords for Indian Ragas and FIlm songs category has practical information on using Chords for Ragas and raga based songs.

A few Chord melody tuts.

Here are some TEaching and learning related articles


Ear Freedom

March 5th, 2020|Other Musician Tips|

Understand how you can approach being able to find notes and slowly chords on your own. The final freedom and independence.  

Are you talented?

November 1st, 2019|Other Musician Tips|

"How do I learn to find chords?" "It just comes to me" answers the player And the student believes it: some people have the natural ability to find chords just like that. But, not me. [...]