Indian Guitar in different forms

Kadhal Rojave Fingerstyle+ singing and raga style lead playing

Evergreen song. Student favorite. “When I played Kadhal rojave, my wife said now I am a guitarist” – in one form or the other I have heard from multiple students.

Click to watch. Basslines emphasizing the vocals. Accenting. The classic has been reinterpreted, rechorded.

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Indian Guitar | Fluent like Sung

Using slides, hammer-ons and pulls offs to play sustained and connected. Not disjoint notes but patient, fluent, efficient.

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Indian Chord Melody

Snehithane (Chup ke se) Chords and Melody layers at the same time

Mixture of chord, melody and lead

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Watch Usilapatti (!), Kadhal rojave (full), Kangal irandal, Har ghadi and other favorites played using chord and melody simultaneously.

Carnatic on Guitar

We use standard tuned (eBGDAE) guitar to play fluent carnatic using slides, hammer-on, pull-off techniques.
Connecting the guitar fretboard to the swara and vowel slides, sustained and connected. 

Sree Gananatha / Lambodara Geetham

From the C major scale, derive the C mayamalavagowla scale. Add swara slides to make the scale a raga. Subtitute swaras with the relevant arohana or avarohana slide. The result:

Learn the steps. Beyond just see and repeat, understand the underlying mechanics. How to connect guitar to carnatic through scale ➜ raga connection, notes ➜ fluent swaras using slides, hammer ons and pull offs. Learn when to slide, where to strike and other basics you will use with other songs too and help you learn other songs with understanding. 

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