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Click here to download all the Chord – Melody images in their original size as one zip. Here are the Videos as one zip file The videos playback and show each chord – melody that we analyze. The zip file gives images in the original dimensions as I made it, before any resizing.

Video-01-bhairav-aroh ‘N S G M P G M, P G M (N)d, G M (N)d, (N)d N S’

Video-02-bhairav-avaroh N S’ (N)d N d P, P G M P G M (G)r S


Video-03-bhairav phrase – G M P G M G r S G M N d d P


Video-04-bhairav phrase G M (n)d, (n)d, P, P G M (G)r, S

Video-05-bhairav phrase G M (N) d (N) d P P G M (G) r S


Video-06-bhairav phrase – G M (N)d, (N)d N S”, N S” (N)d N d P


Video-07-bhairav phrase – S G M P G M, G M (G)r, S r G M P


Video-08-bhairav phrase – S, (G) r (G) r S, (N’) d’ N’ S, N’ S G M, G M (G) r, S

Video-09-Bhairav phrase – S r G M P, P G M (N)d, d, P, P GMPGM (G)r, r S


Video-10-Bhairav phrase – G M (N)d, d, P, G M P d N S”, r” S” N S” (N)d, d, P