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  • Multi track recording and producing in a computer is done with software programs known as Sequencers. Nuendo, Cubase, Logic, Digital Performer, Protools, Audacity, Adobe Audition etc are examples of popularly used sequencers.
  • How to install a specific sequencer : Instructions to install a software comes along with the software or its document or its site.
  • Whether it is audacity (open source, free), Nuendo, Logic, Adobe Audition, the internet is a very good source for instructions, tips, trouble shooting. In my experience, most of the problems we encounter have already been answered in the forums.
  • All the main sequencer softwares have very helpful forums where someone who represents the software officially will be active and answering. After all customer satisfaction is essential to keep them in business.
  • After you buy the book, if you really want me to give you tips for you particular sequencer, request me and we will find a way.
  • In conclusion, using a sequencer is as easy as using any other software. The book will tell you what you should do with the sequencer and other effect plugin softwares; which is the harder part. We just have to find 'how' in the particular sequencer. Making that information available and making the user Interface user friendly is a responsibility of the manufacturer, which all the main ones are doing very well.
  • Note: By July I will be putting up a series of videos on sequencer work flow (not just about vocals) based on Nuendo. Check it out then and see if it is useful.
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