This is what you start with, if you want to play Raga or Film song leads fluently with ease and details, or want to play Chords for Ragas and songs, find your own chords, play rhythm, sing while playing rhythm etc…

In short, the information in these videos will give you the right thinking to go forward and build a useful musical education for yourself. Scroll down to sign up and get the first video instantly.

  • playing Indian Raga and Film Songs (Rahman, Ilayaraja etc) fluently as if it sung
  • slowly be able to play songs by your own by listening to the melody and trying on the guitar
  • finding chords for melodies by yourself, thereby not having to depend on chords from others, instead be an arranger and be able to think like a composer
  • carnatic songs on guitar
  • needed theory and understanding of why you are doing what
  • the best practices and techniques

… all begins with this.

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Ever heard of micro details and sub – systems that will teach you the real underlying reasons, methods and techniques behind learning and playing music?

What can we learn from learning to drive, that we can apply on playing the guitar?

Why is learning chords separately a waste of time and far from the reality of how music works?

How do you assemble the only 4 moves using self feedback, so that your playing is fluent, efficient and exceptionally detailed, making it sound as if your guitar sings the song?

I tried writing the details in the first video of the FREE TRAINING, but the list was too detailed and deep, that I will just let you watch it yourself.

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Here is a free training which I want you to take.

I am revealing all the methods and approach that i use to learn and teach my one to one students, as much as possible within the limits of three videos. The first one is 20 minutes long.

This is only for people who are interested in learning music the smart way, the sensible way, where they go to the realm of patterns, formulas, sub-systems beneath the whole, so that they will attain vertical growth instead of horizontal mediocrity.

Playing Chess based on someone else’s dictation? Finding major and minor chords for ANY phrase based on the pattern of the two chords? (Hint: so simple, a simple program can do it.)

And much more…

Instead of writing more, I let you watch.

Welcome to my world. See you in a few minutes, on the other side.

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