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How to play chords for songs, scales, ragas, phrases

The complete chord playing and usage method.

Learn how the 7 chords of the major scale can be used to play chords for a very large number of songs, scales or ragas.

Learn how to adopt chords to play chords for any song, scale or raga.

Includes a method to play exact and simple triad chords for any phrase, without having to find out the root or knowing much theory, just by finding the notes of the phrase.

Click to learn more, to start playing chords for ragas scales and songs with confidence

Learn Indian Classical on Guitar – Beginners

Easy, small, slow steps to get you started

Learning any new style has a period of vertical growth (quadrant 2) that needs patient guidance and detailed supportive instructions that makes the steps smaller and the effort easier.

Learning to play Indian classical asks for a different set of skills from usual scale based playing:

  • horizontal playing,
  • slides and slurs
  • finger ‘choreography’ to smoothly execute the moves and string changes

A very popular classical composition – Alaipayuthey Kanna in Raga Kanada – is explained in detail to get one started to playing Indian classical on the guitar. Click to see example videos, decide for yourself and get started at your own pace.

The chord code

Struggling with chord names and structure of chords? 

Decipher any chord and know how to play any chord from its name or symbol.

If you are a guitarist, understand the natural patterns based on which chords are played on the guitar fretboard.

There are two versions – one standard and one for guitarists.

Click to learn more, to start mastering chords and to gain your independence in playing harmony

The new Raga on Guitar and Keyboard App

Indian Raga playing simplified.

Drag and drop interface for both Guitar and Keyboard. All the 72 melakarta ragas, huge choice of 872 janya or version ragas. Click here to try the app

Effective Equalization + Reverb + Compression

Know your effects, get them to work for you

Start using the reverbs, equalizers and compressors from starting points that let you get the pro sound you want.

Starting from the basics, the pdfs or .mobi helps you understand the effects and give you tips and usage guidelines that help you work with these effects well.

Get your reverbs right, equalize effectively, compress appropriately to get the best results with your vocals or other sounds. Click here to learn more and get this Core Effects Bundle

Record your drums – Pro quality

Getting a good drum sound, made easy

Details on how I used mic positioning to get very good results with rented cheap mics, a laptop and my sound card, recording drummers in their practice rooms. Click here to listen to sample recordings and see if this is for you…

Learn to play the guitar, playing what matters

Free instruction to start playing the guitar

You don’t always have to memorize a lot or cover a vast field to learn to play the guitar or a new subject.

You just need to know what are the parts involved, notice the threads that connect the nodes to each other, get the general idea of how to connect them, and then build step by step…

Click here to learn more and start playing the guitar