(Musicianself)Monk’s Guide to your first week of guitaring
-2. deciding your guitar
-1. testing and choosing your guitar (&plectrum)
0. holding your guitar
1. playing a simple melody on one string (using your fingers and using the plectrum)
2. the C major scale – string skip and notes learning
    2.a. the notes of the guitar open string, and therefore other frets
3. playing a song of your choice using the internet and music notes on guitar
4. the fingering
    4.a check: the hand position, striking force, up and down, the angular strike for speed, fingers close to fretboard.
5. the C major scale in two more positions – using all the fingers + slides
6. Basic chords and changing them 
7. Basics about rhythm
8!Fingerpicking Basics

what to aim for in practice, the real reasons for playing the guitar
what to practice depending on what your interests are what you would like at the end to be able to play – practising for the finished product.
warm up exercises.
why choose to play the guitar? you can do it now or 5 years later think about it again.