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I was very impressed with your equalizer and reverb articles. You did a great job. They're very clear and easy to understand. – Ethan Winer

We wish that we had more control over our mixing process

At some point in time, anyone working with mixing or effects, feels that they’re unable to use their effects or sequencer to its fullest potential because they don’t understand the basics of how to use it.

If you wish you had a better understanding of your mixing process – here are a few resources for you.

If you wish to make your mixes sound better and professional sounding, here is an ebook that will help you.

Effective Equalizers

Effective Equalization is a downloadable e-book / report designed to help you know your equalizers better and make effective mixes. The download includes PDF (20 pages including cover, 442 kb) and the .mobi e-reader format.

I compiled an ebook on equalizers because Equalizers are one of the most powerful tools a sound engineer, musician or producer has at his or her disposal.

For example, vocal recordings with an SM58 mic basically needs

  • cut in the bass frequency region
  • modification in the mid area
  • some work with the hi mid frequencies for clarity and intelligibility
  • and raise in the higher frequencies to give it the 'air'.

How do we make these changes?

Equalizers allow us to modify, restructure and design sound by adjusting frequency responses. We can tweak individual sounds to make them sound better and tweak them to fit in the mix as a whole.

This ebook uses software equalizer plugins for explanation. But you can use the principles explained in this ebook on a hardware equalizer, software plugin equalizer effect, a guitar processor or any other equalizer effect interface.

Best Still – as it’s a downloadable eBook you can have it today (with no need for delivery fees) ! It’s just $4.99

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What is in it

In short, this ebook will teach you

  1. the different parts of an equalizer
  2. basic software equalizer setup
  3. different parts of the frequency spectrum
  4. how to use the three parameters of equalizer to make your mix better
  5. details on working with the different parts of the frequency spectrum
  6. problem solving eq
  7. understanding the right practices and attitude necessary for working with EQ, effects, sound engineering on the long run
  8. vocal eq details – the exact values i use for SM58 (dynamic mic) and Rode NTK (condenser mic) equalization

Table of Contents

What do you get

  1. you will be guided through from the very basics of EQ if you are an absolute beginner
  2. you will be taught the different parts of the frequency spectrum – which will dramatically improve your understanding of sound – the what makes a sound sound like a particular sound
  3. you will learn the basic techniques of working with frequency using EQ
  4. you will learn advanced practical details on working with different parts of the frequency spectrum and how it relates music production
  5. you will gain practical understanding about sound and EQ, mixes and production
  6. you get the exact details to use on an SM58 recording to make it sound good and sit well in a mix
  7. you get equalizing guidelines if you are using a condenser mic
  8. you get problem solving EQ tips, especially for live engineers
  9. you learn what are the important attitudes and modes of working with an EQ and production in general
  10. you will be confident about using an EQ, about working with sound and production in general.

And more…

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Two sample pages

Who is this for

  • Effective Equalization is for anyone who would like to know more about how the equalizer effect works, and how to make the best use of equalizers to make professional sounding mixes.
  • The E-Book is directed at software plugin users, but the principles explained apply to every equalizer, from the humblest to the most sophisticated, software or hardware, studio work or guitar tone adjustments.
  • This book is for those who are willing to understand their effect module, to understand the details, to become the best producer or sound engineer they can be.

Not for

This book is not for someone who is not into practical usage of EQs or one who does not want to use a sequencer and effects. Someone who wants very specific solutions for instrument equalizing. This book does not mention specific equalizing for any instrument other than Vocals. Details are given for vocal recordings using SM58 (dynamic mic) and condenser mic.

Discover How an Equalizer Works and Make Better Mixes Today

This book will save you a lot of time from having to search for the information and then wonder if the information is reliable.

If you are a beginner in the field of music production, this book will take you through the very basics, parts of an equalizer, through basic installation and usage, understanding frequencies, detailed equalization practices, the right attitude and best practices that will save your time and effort and get you going on the right track.

If you are interested in making good vocal mixes of your singing, there are specific tips for Equalizing 

  1. vocals recorded with SM58, the most popular vocal mic
  2. vocals recorded with condenser mics

If you have some experience with sound engineering or music making, this book will give you specific details on working with the frequency spectrum, clear your doubts about equalizer parts and working with EQs and help you with your work flow. Exact details have been given on using SM58 vocal recordings.

If you are a bedroom musician or producer, use this book to use your Eq to its best. Whether you are working with software EQ plugins on your desktop or laptop or using guitar processors or hardware equalizers, this information will come handy. Learn the best practices and methods to get you started on the way to make the change from being an amateur to a master who produces pro sounding mixes.

If you are experienced in working with sound, have a look at the table of contents – maybe there is something in this book which will give you clarity or fill you up with certain details you don't want to miss.

The download includes PDF (20 pages, 442 kb) and the .mobi e-reader format.

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Testimonials – feedback from Effective Equalization Owners

“I have found Shyam’s book to be a very good resource in understanding equalizers. Equalizers, i feel is one of the most important tools a musician has when it comes to sound production. The book describes the basics, details and specific uses well. It is a compact book which you can use as a reference guide. I use the information primarily to tweak my guitar processor” – Prasanth R

“I was stuck for sometime with my sound production abilities. Did not know what route to take now. The step by step instructions in this book has helped me find an interesting path again. This book is practical!” – Joel George


If you use this book, get started and try out the methods described, you should be able to get good results. Starting from the basics, the principles and actions noted in the book will give you enough to work on for a few months and guide you towards methods that will be useful for a lifetime. But, if you’re not happy with this ebook for any reason, just let me know within twelve months. I’ll be very happy to refund your money.

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