Recording yourself while learning: for the mind and music

He told me that he is disappointed in himself that he is not able to play like the teacher can. The teacher told him that after 3 months of total guitar playing time, if he is able to play as

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Gamaka in Western Notation: Tabs for Alaipayuthe with Staff notation timing, swaras and lyrics

Skype Classes Carnatic Gamakas can be written accurately using Western Notation by ‘harcoding’ the swaras within the gamaka. See the image below where the first few lines of Alaipayuthe has been transcribed and written using Western notation, along with Guitar

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How to make good vocal recordings? Vocal mics

Assuming we have a good vocalist and a good performance, how do we take care of the recording, processing and mixing to get professional vocal results? Studio quality mics and audio interfaces are available for affordable prices, which makes equipment

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How to use compression for better mixes?

Learn to use Compressors to make the sound of your vocals, non-keyboard instruments and the overall mix, better. If you find this article useful, you will find the Article on Effective Equalization + Compressor + Reverb useful too. What is a

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How to play chords for Indian ragas – songs and ragas based on the Major scale

You can play the chords for a large number of popular ragas or songs if you know the 'diatonic chords' of the major scale. Major scale and harmonic minor scale forms the basis of most popular songs. Knowing the 'safe

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How to play the guitar – Hand and finger best practices when playing the guitar

Tension on the wrist and hand General awareness of fingers Be aware of the tensions in your fingers. Your fingers should make a natural movement and press the notes on the fretboard. Any unnatural positions of the fingers have to

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The ‘root’ case : a major, his relative, a sharp object and a minor

Even when we feel that a song is in minor, how do we make sure? A strong evidence is needed. We may find some to prove the case. The one note that will clear away the doubts.

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What is in a name – Chord naming and building series – Building from blocks

Too many chords? Confusing chord names?
Chord names are based on certain conventions, formed by adding more terms as needed, to a base.
Learn how to find the notes of a chord from its name or to name a chord based on its notes.

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Big, small and one more – Indian music notation (Sa ri Ga ma) & Western Interval Naming – 2 & 3 note systems

When we find ourselves in the intersections and overlaps of western music theory and indian music systems… This App will help you with fretboard positions for Ragas There is the big and small note system : simple and very similar

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Understanding South Indian Classical Music (Carnatic) Raga Mayamalavagowla – Interval structure, Basic analysis, Comparisons, Modes, Finding Chords

Mayamalavagowla the Raaga Click to see details Mayamalavagowla has the following notes (in Indian solfege / notation) : ārohaṇa (ascend) : S R1 G3 M1 P D1 N3 S avarohaṇa (descend) : S N3 D1 P M1 G3 R1 S

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