Gamaka in Western Notation: Tabs for Alaipayuthe with Staff notation timing, swaras and lyrics

Skype Classes Carnatic Gamakas can be written accurately using Western Notation by ‘harcoding’ the swaras within the gamaka. See the image below where the first few lines of Alaipayuthe has been transcribed and written using Western notation, along with Guitar

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Raga Hamsadhwani: Vatapi on Guitar (Anupallavi & Charanam) Swaras Slides

Anupallavi Charanam

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Raga Nadanamakriya on Guitar: E theeruga nannu (Bhadrachala Ramadas) swaras fret strings

Click to download or view the pdf of Lyrics with Swaras for E theeruga nannu with each syllable and move, strings and frets in the A pitch. Raga Nadanamakriya krithi by Bhadrachalam Ramadasu. Carnatic on Guitar. Swaras and notes useful for

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How to Kurai ondrum illai (Raga, Carnatic) – Dorian scale pentatonic, Raga Shivaranjini

Below is a video for the first line of the Carnatic song Kurai Onrum Illai, as sung by the great MSSubbalakshmi. Below the video is a screenshot of the swaras, frets, strings for EACH syllable. Towards the right of the

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How To Play Any Scale or Raga in Any Pitch using Patterns (TS, Major Scale, Shankarabharanam, Raga Lydian)

Identify the pattern of notes used in a scale. Either remember how many notes to skip or remember it as Tone Semi-tone or remember the swaras. Use this information, start from any note on any string, play the pattern to

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Marugelara Lead on Guitar | Carnatic Raga Jayanthashri on Acoustic Guitar

To clear doubts, learn, get clarity, discuss: Join me for skype meetings/lessons The first video below shows Marugelara O Raghava being played on the acoustic guitar using slides, hammer on’s and pull offs. Excuse me for the unintended rhythmic sound

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Raga Guitar Mastery Begins | C major scale to the most basic Carnatic Raga mayamalavagowla

Once you are familiar with the C major scale position, start playing the Mayamalavagowla raga, which is the raga on which the basic lessons of Carnatic Indian classical are based. Here is how to do this, by changing just two

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Chords for Raga Bhairav and related Ragas – Chords for Hindustani Indian Classical Raagas

Detailed, organized Chords for Indian ragas at Raga Chord Resources Raga Bhairav Raaga Bhairav has the same swara or note positions as the 15th Carnatic melakarta Raaga Mayamalavagoula. Raga Bhairav has the same scale notes as the western Double Harmonic

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Chords for Raga Bhairav – Melody chord images

Raga bhairav-aroh chords (‘N S G M P G M, P G M (N)d, G M (N)d, (N)d N S’) The full article with explanations, at┬áChords for Raga Bhairav and related Ragas Raga Bhairav Avarohana: N S’ (N)d N d

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Raga Lead Guitar | Thendral Vanthu Theendum Pothu | Tamil Carnatic Ilayaraja

String/Fret/Slides List for each Syllable of the Song (pdf)

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