Effective: Tab running, Human playing Fretboard How to for Sree Gananaatha (Lambodara) Raga Malahari

Below is a video for you to learn Raga Malahari, derivative of Raga Mayamalavagowla (same scale notes as Rag Bhairav). In the video, you see the fretboard and finger moves as I play the song, and above you see a video

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The Guide to sing and slide (tabs, western notation) Raga Malahari Padumanabha Geetham

Below is a how to video, guitar tabs and western staff notation (with all slides included within) for the swaras of Padumanabha paramapurusha, an Indian Carnatic Raga Malahari Geetham, one of the basic compositions used by students. This malahari geetham is a bit

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How to Sundari Neeyum (Ilayaraja) with slides | Guitar Tabs, Western notation & Swaras (Raga Kedaram)

Here is a video explaining the moves of the song Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Njanum by Ilayaraja. Below the video you will find the Guitar Tab, Western Staff Notation and Swaras for the song, with the gamakas included in the notation.

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How to slide Amma endrazhikaatha (Tabs & Western Notation) | Indian Carnatic Raga Kalyani (Ilayaraja Rajanikanth)

Amma endrazhikatha With Complete Slides Below is a how to video of the Kalyani Raga based Ilayaraja song. Below the video, the tabs and western notation are given. Also given is a swara sheet, where the slides etc has been

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How to Alai (Tabs, Staff Notation, Swaras) | Indian Raga Carnatic song that A R Rahman made popular

Alaipayuthe Kanna (Raga Kaanada) Indan Raga song How to videos (on Guitar) along with the tabs, western notation, swaras and lyrics that can be used on any instrument or by singers. (Thanks to Sashi. E for taking the initiative to

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How to Kandukonden Kandukondein song (ARRahman) swaras, moves on guitar (singers and instrumentalists)

The song Kandukondein composed by arrahman.  (The very first section for now. More to be added in time) The melody with each move has been written as swaras below to be used by singers and instrumentalists other than guitarists too.

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Find your own chords: Ethetho (Punnagaimannan) Ilayaraja beyond the usual chord changes

The E major scale family has the C#m, G#m and B major (the Vth) chords. This song brings in the C major chord, G major chord etc into the harmony in a smooth and easy manner through the melody. Below are

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Learning to find chords for songs: Kadhal Rojave Rahman song re-chorded (basic harmonization)

Based on the phrase notes, the song Kathal Rojave by a r rahman from the movie Roja has been harmonized as below. (how to play the song?) Instead of following a generic family of chords based of approach, here the phrase

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Swara note grid

A simple table will give you a quick idea of each swara note when you choose a particular pitch. If you want the E note to be your Sa, what will be your Ga3? (the G# note) You want to sing

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How to Kadhal Rojave (Rahman, Roja): Swaras, slides, notes

Below are the swaras and notes with slides etc, for Kathal rojave from the movie Roja, done by ARRahman.  Learn the moves to play or sing the song as in the original. The swaras have been written so that, each swara written with space

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