How to Anthi Mazhai Guitar TABs Details | Ilayaraja’s Raga song on Guitar

Ilayaraja’s Raga song TABs and How to on Guitar. anthi mazhai guitar tabs (PDF)

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Pazham Thamizh TABS | Raga Ahiri Slides, details to play Manichithrathazhu song on Guitar

The remaining will be updated here. Stay in touch: click to subscribe, If you haven’t already. Detailed TABS for pazham thamizh (raga ahiri, manichithrathaazhu) pallavi

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En Iniya Pon Nilave as Lead on Guitar TABS (+ Chord melody)

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Partha muthal

Partha Muthal Naale (Banam Vesade) song by Harris Jayaraj, starring Kamalahaasan, played as SOLO and also as UNPLUGGED vocal guitar rhythm chord improvisation. Chord melody | Fingerstyle | Partha Muthal Harris Jayaraj (Raghavan / Vettayadu) Partha Muthal Naale Unplugged with

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[raga guitar] How to Nila Kaaykirathu with TABS like it is sung | Hariharan A R Rahman | Part 1

The first video has the very first line. The second video covers the full first part of the song (Pallavi). Need more? make sure you are signed up to be in touch with me through email. Like it? Would like

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[raga guitar] Rara Sarasuku How-to (+tabs) | Detailed Vocal and Instrument Parts

Watch the below video for detailed moves (including swara mention for other instrumentalists) for the extreme raga song Rara Sarasuku Rara by Vidyasagar from the movie Chandramukhi. Starting with the flute part, to the veena, to the vocals and other

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How to Kanne Kalai (Sadma) | Think Efficient Fingers and Slides

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Raga Scale Fretboard Mastery | Extreme Freedom by Patterning | 10+ Example Workouts

It started with a video how and how not to practise scales, comparing it to the 50 first dates movie. Why are scales important anyway? Then came one example of how to convert the only 3 patterns needed, to find

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Why ‘waste’ time on scales? The reasons

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Play Natural Minor Pattern using the Major scale | Any pitch, anywhere on the Fretboard

In the post about learning just 3 patterns to be able to play any scale anywhere on the guitar, we saw how the 50 First dates way of playing scales is not close to the reality of music patterns. That

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