Raga Scale Fretboard Mastery | Extreme Freedom by Patterning | 10+ Example Workouts

Do not learn more than 3 patterns to play any scale anywhere on the guitar

Start Guitar: If you are touching the guitar for the first time (videos)

Basic chords to play along with a large number of songs

Playing with the dots – 6th, m6th, 6add9, m6add9 by moving the frets on the guitar

Relationship matters – How do you change between the 7th, added 9th and 9th chords on the guitar?

The 4 sevenths on guitar – efficient and comfortable – 4th string root

Guitar – minor, diminished and augmented, starting from the major position

Fretboard relations – string fret relations that matter

How to remember the names of open strings on the guitar – Fretboard that matters