Raga Scale Fretboard Mastery | Extreme Freedom by Patterning | 10+ Example Workouts

It started with a video how and how not to practise scales, comparing it to the 50 first dates movie. Why are scales important anyway? Then came one example of how to convert the only 3 patterns needed, to find

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Do not learn more than 3 patterns to play any scale anywhere on the guitar

The video talks about learning scales the right way understanding the pattern nature of scales and not in a short term memory kind of manner (similarity found in 50 First Dates movie premise). Please note that all the patterns will

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Start Guitar: If you are touching the guitar for the first time (videos)

How to hold your guitar and play your first note. How to progress striking the strings, fingering the frets. Slow and steady – the very basics for the very beginner. Just follow the videos and you’ll see that it works.

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Basic chords to play along with a large number of songs

Here is a pdf of 6 basic chords on the guitar. The chords have open strings as part of the chord. These chords are based on the C major scale. You will find that these 6 chords are enough to play

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Playing with the dots – 6th, m6th, 6add9, m6add9 by moving the frets on the guitar

Learn to play chords on the guitar, visually. Know how the different intervals are found on nearby frets with respect to roots on any string. Then you can find and play any chord on the fly, without having to struggle

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Relationship matters – How do you change between the 7th, added 9th and 9th chords on the guitar?

On the guitar, knowing the position of 3rds and 7ths lets us shift between chords easily. Add a major 2nd note to the combination, and we have the 9th chords… Below, we have a look at the chords we get

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The 4 sevenths on guitar – efficient and comfortable – 4th string root

Intervals – String/ Frets   Above figure shows intervals for roots on 2nd string and 5th string. It also shows additional roots at the extremes on the 4th string and 3rd string. In the below figure, we take a small

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Guitar – minor, diminished and augmented, starting from the major position

Three note / three fingers D major chord Below is an image of the D major chord played on the 2nd and 3rd frets of the guitar. This is the most basic form of D major chord fingering. The open

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Fretboard relations – string fret relations that matter

Pairs in relation How are the notes on the 4th and 1st string related. What pattern does the notes on the 5th and 3rd string form. Similarly with all the other strings. Looking at the image, if you can find

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How to remember the names of open strings on the guitar – Fretboard that matters

Learn to play the guitar Playing what matters. Being able to recall fast, the open string notes of each of the strings is useful to get yourself familiar with the fretboard. Once you know the open string names, you just

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