Compressors – Side Effects and Noise

SIDE-EFFECTS Compression can bring in unwanted modulation of the high-frequency sounds. This happens when a large amount of gain reduction happens to the signal because of high-intensity bass sounds. Bass sounds, perceived level, actual sound energy Bass sounds need much

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How to set up a compressor? The two main uses and settings to start with

Decide what you want the compressor to do There are a few basic rules to setup any compressor with any number of different parameters. To set up a compressor start with knowing the two basic uses of a compressor decide

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How to use compression for better mixes?

Learn to use Compressors to make the sound of your vocals, non-keyboard instruments and the overall mix, better. If you find this article useful, you will find the Article on Effective Equalization + Compressor + Reverb useful too. What is a

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How to use equalizers?

An equalizer is one of the most powerful tools available to us to modify, restructure and design sound by adjusting frequency responses. The flat response If you find this article useful, you may find the Article on Effective Equalization +

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3 Basic Changes that will Save your Reverbs

Here are three quick changes that will make your reverbs start sounding good. 1. Predelay – wait before you come More on Reverbs? Click here for a Detailed Article on Reverbs Pre delay is the parameter of the reverb that

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Reverb Effect Explained – Get your reverb right + vocal reverb tips

Download this Article as PDF (free) or in .mobi format for your ereader OR, get this article on Reverb, along with Articles on Compression and Equalization in pdf and .mobi format as the Effective Equalization ++ bundle (see below). Did you like this

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