Get The best Chords and Arrangements for your Creations

Playing rhythm guitar and chords for you …

…if you are a singer or soloist, is an obvious use you will have of you. If you have watched the videos at, you will know the skill and musical level at which I do that… I can do that for you too, while you sing or play your instrument in peace, focusing solely on your creation, while

If you like the way i do chords and rhythm, I can do that for you too, while you sing or play your instrument in peace, focusing solely on your creation, while i stay there with you solid and harmonic, giving you the best support possible.

Write to me if you want me to accompany you on your performances or your recordings… Talk to me and we will find out and do what is best (depending on the location and the artist, minimum needed budget can vary from 500 Euros to 3000 Euros. Write to me – we can clarify that stuff…).


You have created a melody, your song.  You create and publish it once and it is going to be heard for a long long time, especially in this world of internet aided media and communication. You want someone really good with chords and arrangement to help you make your creation sound as best as it can be.

You play an instrument or you are a singer who needs the best possible chords and arrangement to accompany your playing, your music. You don’t want a doubt about the final sound – you want to focus on the music you make – let an expert take care of the context, the arrangement, the placement, the environment and surroundings in which your music will be presented the best, where it will shine as it is meant to be.

You are a creator of movies or other artwork who needs someone to assist, guide or provide you with all the possible musical needs you and your creation may have. I have lived and experienced sound in a wide variety of contexts. Let me take away the guesses and doubts. Let help you through the process and guide your work to completion.

You are getting help from someone who started playing music at the age of 11 and has lived happily among chords and arrangements ever since. Let me know and we start our work immediately, right now.

USD 495: 2 hours of meeting and/or work to give you the right kind of chords, based on your needs, based on the audience and placement of the work. (More hours can be blocked out, depending on your needs.)

  • During our meeting, you will tell me all we need to know to get the right kind of chords, the right arrangement. (example songs and arrangements that inspire you, examples I can show you to confirm and adapt to the sound you need)
  • As needed, we also discuss how to use instruments with your songs. (I know and work with keyboard programmers and instrumentalists if you want me to help you with the final multi-instrumental production – the time and work involved are discussed clearly between us)
  • I will provide you with recordings and example usages of the chords when appropriate. (where and how to use the chords in your song/melody/work)
  • When needed, I will provide you with the final guitar recording of the chords/melody arrangement that you can use for your final production. (guitar wavs or the final song mix if you want me to – we’ll discuss the time and work involved beforehand)

Let me know if you have any questions and I will answer you within two days, usually much faster.

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