Not dreaming about possibilities we could have had, we try to make possible our dreams with what we have.

Like to make your own recordings with minimal and affordable equipment?

Play the guitar?

Understand Indian music and play chords for Ragas, Songs, Scales?

Learn how to use the recording equipment, effects etc better?

Musicianself will be of help for you.


My name is Shyam.

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Learn how music works, make music using available and affordable equipment to its fullest. Learn how western and Indian music are linked.

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Amidst the vastness of available information, it is helpful to be guided step by step through the process you are interested in, the path you want to walk, by others who have tested it already.

Meet me on skype for online music guidance if I can help you more.

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Started playing the guitar when i was eleven – she held me. BTech degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM). Been into random activities with definable end result or product and other beauty making tactics.

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