You can use this for your Chords and Leads (oru daivam, beat it, snehithan chord melody…)

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You can Play Indian Songs Fingerstyle Chord melody. How?

Here is a video with Chord Melody arrangement for ARRahman’s famous Snehithane (Snehithadu). It includes occasional slides while trying to include chord and bass at almost all times. If you are interested in chords, finding chords from melodies and executing it, you may find this interesting. The HOw to video is being made – will let you know. This video shows the performance…

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A R Rahman’s  Raga Song on Guitar with exceptional Details

For Raga Leads, here are two recent videos:
This one is the HOW to for ARRahman’s Oru Daivam Thantha poove, with all the needed details executed using slides, hammer ons and pull offs – has the performance video too in the beginning. See if this kind of stuff is a good kind of goal for you.

Chords explained clearly (I’m told)

Explaining basics of understanding chords and using it for your needs (many viewers found it very clear, especially if someone is new to understanding patterns of chords etc):

Indian style Michael Jackson’s Beat it (Fun and Profit)

And then, BEat IT by Michael Jackson was Raagified. Took the original song, added raga slides, even changed some notes and parts of the melody at times… A good exercise to see how scales are behind ragas and songs, how one can use Raga understanding to make improvisations and even composition (yeah, it is not just for fun 🙂 lot of education there…).

Let me know how you find them useful…