Mandara Cheppundo – Malayalam song chords

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Cm           Gm        

Mandara cheppundo 

Cm          Gm

manikya kallundo

Cm   Fm           Bb  Gm           

kayil vaarmathiye

Cm            G#      Cm    Gm

ponnum thennum vayambum undo

G#         Cm             D#       Bb

vaanambaadithan thoovalundo

Fm Bb              Bbsus4  G

ullil aamodha thirakal   uyarumbo

Cm            G#      Cm    Gm

mounam paadu nnu …

G#             Cm     C2  G

mounam paadu nnu



Gm                  Cm

thazhukunna kattil 

Gm          Cm       G#     Gm   Cm  C2

thaarattu paattin valsalyam

G#       Cm      Fm        Cm

rapadiyekum navettu pattin

G#     Gm   Cm  C2

nayrmalyam   .. ..

Gm         F             Bb      Dm    Gm       Cm

thaliritta thaazhvarakal thaalamenthavee

Gm             F            Bb      Dm       Cm      Gm

thanu vani kayikal ullam aardhramaakavee

D#                 Bb       Gm  D#                  Bb      D#

mukulangal ithalaniyee kiranamam kathiraniye

Bb    Gm           Fm        Bb               G#            Cm     G#   Gm

ullil aamodha thirakal uyarumbo mounam paadunnu

Cm           G#       Cm    Gm

mounam paadunnu …



eriyunna pakalin eekantha yaanam kazhiyumbol

athilninnum irulin chirakode rajani anayumbol

padarunna nilimayal paada moodavee

valarunna mookathayil arraru urangavee

nimishamaam ila kozhiye jathiyude rathamanaye

ullil aamodha thirakal uyarumbo mounam paadunnu



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